Director’s Message – Shapers Academy

My Dear Young Friends “Education of the Heart is the Heart of education”. SHAPERS ACADEMY ever strives to be a beacon of light to the young generation by igniting their minds into new insights. The education that is envisaged by SHAPERS ACADEMY is a holistic one.

Our academy ensures the “SUPER 30” strategy which encourages the students to think different and empower themselves to set priorities in their lives. It involves the formation of the heart through a integration of physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual spheres of one’s life, thereby the academy makes a sincere effort to raise something extra ordinary from ordinary sphere.

SHAPERS ACADEMY gives importance to the human virtues so that the coming generation may be intellectually brilliant, emotionally balanced and morally upright, committed and creative.

I wish you all a bright future and happy learning

The Shapians mission is to help student develop into upright, creative and loyal citizens indulged with love and concern for others, spiritual sensitivity and a sense of personal freedom, liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and self- esteem.

Shapers Academy was established during the pandemic time. Our main aim is to provide an academic knowledge by renowned faculty members across the country under one roof.

SHAPERS ACADEMY was initially oriented on SUPER 30 strategy and successfully accomplished the mission within the first year. And now we are a family of almost 500+ students till the date.

Nowadays Shapers Academy is making its presence felt around the whole district arena with pro-tech quality of education.

Shapers Academy is designed as Person- oriented, social-oriented and work- oriented system.

We help our students to discover their God-given potentials and work towards full development in order to place them at the service of the society.

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